Your Impact
in Lubutu

Last year, you did something extraordinary. You helped the people in the Congo protect their rainforest.

Without your support, the loggers that were at their doorstep would have cleared their land.

But thanks to you, their forest is safe.

That’s not the best bit. By investing in Cool Earth’s award-winning model, your donation is changing lives as well as keeping trees standing. Here is a snapshot of what your donation last Summer is now helping Lubutu to achieve.

your impact in numbers

Your Impact </br> in Lubutu

The Lubutu Stove Project

This year, the Lubutu partnership has reduced fuel wood consumption by more than half.

Following the successful construction of 225 energy efficient stoves, Cool Earth’s Lubutu partners have reduced the risk of respiratory diseases, particularly for women and children.

We already know that the best rainforest custodians are those who rely on it for their survival. Lowering the amount of fuel wood needed means community members can rely on the forest’s natural resources in a more sustainable way.

Now this oven-ready idea is spreading through the community. Volunteers in neighbouring villages Babogombe and Bando have decided to build their own kitchens and energy efficient stoves.

Your Impact </br> in Lubutu

Awareness raising workshops

Not all households in Lubutu had a shelter for the stove so, in order to roll out the next 500 stoves, Cool Earth have been focusing on awareness raising sessions on the health implications of traditional stoves for men.

By encouraging men to engage with the project, they were also given support to construct their kitchen shelters through the provision of machetes and a file for shaping.

In total, nearly 200 men attended the sessions, a great result for the community.

Your Impact </br> in Lubutu

Grauer Gorilla update

Cool Earth has been working with the local communities in Lubutu to undertake over 600 annual patrols to monitor the endemic Grauer’s Gorilla.

Thanks to the new stoves we’ve been able to provide for the community, the gorilla’s habitat is no longer being diminished for firewood. With 20 gorilla families spotted so far, the future is looking bright for this rare and wonderful species.

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Your Impact </br> in Lubutu
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