Your Impact
in the Awajún

Last year, you did something extraordinary. You helped the Awajún protect their rainforest.

Without your support, the loggers that were at their doorstep would have cleared their land.

But thanks to you, their forest is safe.

That’s not the best bit. By investing in Cool Earth’s award-winning model, your donation is changing lives as well as keeping trees standing. Here is a snapshot of what your donation last Summer is now helping the Awajún to achieve.

your impact in numbers

Your Impact </br> in the Awajún

fish that save rainforest

In the Awajún community deforestation and contamination from chemicals have meant fish numbers have diminished where waters were once teeming with this protein-heavy food source.

Huaracayo’s fish farms are going swimmingly thanks to Bernado, one of Cool Earth’s greatest assets and the man behind the local breeding centre. Alongside Cool Earth’s Local Coordinator, and fish farming extraordinaire Josue Morales, Bernado has successfully managed to ensure that the carp in the breeding centre are big and healthy. They will now be able to produce eggs all year round, providing a continuing source of income and protein for the community members of Huaracayo.

Your Impact </br> in the Awajún


AMARNO is an association of more than sixty women from the indigenous community of Urakuza in Northern Peru. They come together to produce organic jewellery using seeds harvested from their forest. A great deal of patience and skill is needed, as each individual seed is meticulously hand drilled using a needle, after drying in the sun for over a month.

Thanks to your donation we’ve helped train women in the Awajún partnership so they can make a living by using their incredible making skills. And the best bit, all jewellery pieces are sustainably sourced.

Your Impact </br> in the Awajún

A new rice processor in Huaracayo

With the AMARNO artisan group, cacao cultivation and fish farms successfully underway, the Awajún partnership has had another bright income generating idea. Growing and harvesting rice.

Using community pot funding from Jempe Community Association, the Huaracayo community formed a rice committee and bought a new rice threshing machine. This machine extracts the grain from the seed cases known as chaff, so it is ready to be cooked. So far, Huaracayo have planted 64 acres of rice with 25 acres a left to be planted.

They have already sold 2.8 tonnes of rice for S/6,160 (approx. £1400). All profits go back to the 43 rice growers from Huaracayo and Katish.


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Your Impact </br> in the Awajún
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