Deforestation is Sexist

If a girl is born into poverty, every aspect of her life is harder than her male counterpart. That’s because…

Deforestation is Sexist
Meet Josue

I’m Josue Morales. I’m Cool Earth’s local coordinator in our Awajún partnership. My job is to coordinate, train, and monitor…

Meet Josue
Cool Earth and Vivienne Westwood at aqua shard this christmas

This winter, contemporary British restaurant aqua shard will partner with British fashion designer and activist, Dame Vivienne Westwood, to create…

Cool Earth and Vivienne Westwood at aqua shard this christmas
A baby anteater in the Awajún

Our Awajún partners have a new friend. This baby anteater was orphaned so the village of Kayants took him under…

A baby anteater in the Awajún
balbina peru

Meet the woman who transformed the future of her Awajún sisters.

From Mother’s Club to Peru’s Best Artisans

Proposals for 20 dams along the Marañon River could bring devastation to the Awajún.

Damming the Marañon
april profile Albildao

Albildao Atamain Weepiu is from the Awajun project in Peru. He’s at school in Urakusa where Cool Earth have provided…

Rainforest Voices: Abildao Atamain Weepiu
awajun woman in front of rainforest river

AMARNO was born as a group of mothers who used to cook together. They are now Peru’s most skilled artisans.…

The AMARNO Story
News-Story 02

How jewellery made by Peruvian artisans is saving the rainforest.

Made with Love

Thanks to our supporters, 2014 has been a fantastic year for Cool Earth. These are just eight of our achievements…

2014: A Year in the Rainforest
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