Ten good news stories for the planet

It’s easy to look back on last year as a bit of a disaster, but there were lots of good…

Ten good news stories for the planet
New years resolutions  for safe rainforest

Last year Cool Earth almost doubled in size. That means twice as much rainforest saved. Twice as many people taking…

New years resolutions
for safe rainforest
Cool Earth's Ashaninka Local Facilitator Adelaida Bustamante holding child

The success of Cool Earth’s model is down to the indigenous villages that work with us to protect their forest.…

Meet the team: Peru
Cool Earth Partnership Lifecycle

Cool Earth’s partnerships are planned to have a lifecycle of seven years although this does vary between projects, communities, and…

Cool Earth Partnership Lifecycle
ashaninka men

The best way to save rainforest is to support the people that live there, 100%. That’s why Cool Earth puts…

Don’t give your money to us
Cool Earth wins P.E.A. Award for best international NGO

Sustainability champions named at green carpet event in Brighton on Saturday 3rd October. The P.E.A. (People. Environment. Achievement) Awards recognise…

Cool Earth wins P.E.A. Award for best international NGO
cool earth rainforest canopy sustainable development goals

The 193 member states of the United Nations have agreed 17 goals for sustainable development, to be met by 2030.

Cool Earth and the Sustainable Development Goals
ashaninka group underneath hut in rainforest

Strong community land rights help to mitigate climate change, and could prevent 27.2 million hectares of deforestation. That’s an area…

Rainforest canopy

Without immediate action, 170 million hectares of at-risk forest will be destroyed in the next 15 years.

Deforestation Fronts: Fighting to save our Remaining Rainforest
Cool Earth's TED Talk

Watch Matthew Owen’s TEDx Talk explaining how Cool Earth save rainforest one village at a time

Cool Earth’s TED Talk
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