Sustainable family futures

The UN International Day of Families is on the 15th of May. This year’s theme focuses on healthy lives and sustainable…

Sustainable family futures
International Midwives Day

The 5th of May marks the UN’s International Midwives Day.

International Midwives Day

Ana is a remarkable Asháninka mother of twelve children and she is integral to the success of Cool Earth’s project…

Rainforest Mother – Part 1
Rainforest People: Noemi | Cool Earth

Telma walks to Tinkareni village to find her grandmother, Noemi. Telma hopes Noemi will help find out what is wrong…

Finding grandma in the forest – Telma Story 5

February 2011 In part 4 of our rainforest rescuer series, we learn more about Telma’s community and visit a “tsimi”…

Sanctuary in the Forest: Telma’s Story 4
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