Celebrating Rainforest Champions Celebrating Rainforest Champions
Celebrating Strong Families

Forest is only protected when families are strong and healthy enough to defend it. It’s no surprise that health and…

Celebrating Strong Families
Celebrating Forest Health

The more biodiverse a forest is, the more carbon it holds. That’s why we use the health of the forest…

Celebrating Forest Health
Brazil rainforest destruction

Deforestation from Oil Palm plantations is something you might be used to hearing about in Papua New Guinea, not the…

Palm Oil in Peru:
a New Threat
Tippy tap grid of images from Peru | Cool Earth

We’ve just received the brilliant news that thanks to you our Asháninka partners have built 105 tippy taps. That means 105…

105 tippy taps and counting
cacao pods

Find out how these magic beans turn into income for over 300 families in our Asháninka project.

Chocolate: From Bean to Bar
Cool Earth's Ashaninka Local Facilitator Adelaida Bustamante holding child

The success of Cool Earth’s model is down to the indigenous villages that work with us to protect their forest.…

Meet the team: Peru
Two New Team Members for Cool Earth

This week Cool Earth has welcomed two new faces to the project team. Liz Daniels will be based in Cornwall,…

Two New Team Members for Cool Earth
Cool Earth's Asháninka project in the Amazon rainforest

A new village. 16,000 new acres. 176 new families working to keep their forest safe. “Thank you for supporting us.…

Growing the shield
balbina peru

Meet the woman who transformed the future of her Awajún sisters.

From Mother’s Club to Peru’s Best Artisans
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