Celebrating Rainforest Champions Celebrating Rainforest Champions
How Mangrove roots are playing a part in saving the rainforest How Mangrove roots are playing a part in saving the rainforest
Dame Vivienne Westwood – The Rainforest's Fiercest Advocate Dame Vivienne Westwood – The Rainforest’s Fiercest Advocate
cacao pods

Find out how these magic beans turn into income for over 300 families in our Asháninka project.

Chocolate: From Bean to Bar
cool earth rainforest canopy sustainable development goals

The 193 member states of the United Nations have agreed 17 goals for sustainable development, to be met by 2030.

Cool Earth and the Sustainable Development Goals
ashaninka group underneath hut in rainforest

Strong community land rights help to mitigate climate change, and could prevent 27.2 million hectares of deforestation. That’s an area…

Cool Earth's Asháninka project in the Amazon rainforest

A new village. 16,000 new acres. 176 new families working to keep their forest safe. “Thank you for supporting us.…

Growing the shield
A view from Cool Earth's Asháninka project in the Peruvian Amazon

Johan Eliasch, chairman and CEO of sporting-goods group Head, founded Cool Earth to work with local communities to protect forests…

Johan Eliasch on why he’s saving rainforest
Rainforest canopy

Without immediate action, 170 million hectares of at-risk forest will be destroyed in the next 15 years.

Deforestation Fronts: Fighting to save our Remaining Rainforest
150708 Rainforest Tree

For anyone who got married in 2010 we think we have the perfect gift.

Rainforest Anniversary Gifts
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