vanilla vine papua new guinea

Onion and vanilla are two flavours you’d never want to find together. But in Papua New Guinea they are natural…

The Papuan gardeners using their onions
Fancy a cup of rainforest saving coffee?

Rainforest is protected when the people living there are earning enough to turn the loggers away. The funds that you…

Fancy a cup of rainforest saving coffee?
awajun woman in front of rainforest river

Meet Esther, the artisan that is saving the Amazon. Esther Tuesta Ykanam is from the Awajún tribe in northern Peru.…

The Rainforest’s Best Friend
two children smiling behind rainforest cacao produce

Our partner villages in Peru have a surprising weapon in the fight against loggers: chocolate. Growing in their forest gardens…

How Chocolate Bars Deforestation
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