February 2011 In part 4 of our rainforest rescuer series, we learn more about Telma’s community and visit a “tsimi”…

Sanctuary in the Forest: Telma’s Story 4
Cutivireni Community

January 2011 Part three of Telma’s story looks at the initial steps Cool Earth took to protect Telma’s community from…

Rescued from Loggers: Telma’s Story 3
Cesar- Telma's Father

January 2011 The second part of our series about Telma and her life as a rainforest rescuer dates back to…

the History of the Asháninka: Telma’s Story 2
Telma, Asháninka Community

Cool Earth works with indigenous communities to keep trees standing. Over the next few weeks we’re going to tell you…

A Day in the Life of a Rainforest Rescuer: Telma’s story 1
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