Vivienne Westwood K11 Shanghai Exhibition

Vivienne Westwood K11 Shanghai Exhibition

Vivienne and Andreas visiting the Asháninka in Peru

Vivienne westwood

Vivienne's fashion shows in support of Cool Earth

After researching the many different ways of reducing CO2 emissions, Vivienne Westwood found Cool Earth’s conservation model to be productive and effective.

Following an insightful week spent living with a tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, Vivienne has lobbied the Peruvian government on their Forestry Programme. Her zeal for rainforest protection is incomparable.

Vivienne Westwood acts as a committed and effective fundraiser, garnering support from her associates and friends including, Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Sadie Frost, Georgia May Jagger and Stephen Fry. Her support has also included designing a variety of products for Cool Earth, including a range of tablecloths, a scarf and T-shirts, and dedicated two of her fashion shows to Cool Earth.

To date, Vivienne’s support has enabled Cool Earth to protect 6 million trees and to store 6.5 million tonnes of CO2 that might otherwise have been released due to logging.

Vivienne is once again spreading awareness for Cool Earth and the plight of rainforest communities through her exhibition at the K11 art space in Shanghai.

If you would like to support Vivienne’s work and help Cool Earth to protect the rainforest, then please donate bellow.

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Vivienne Westwood K11 Shanghai Exhibition
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