Rainforest meets ocean. We see someone in a canoe next to a palm lined shore with a large misty hill covered in trees in the background.

Why We Exist

We exist to back people, to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis. Are you with us?

Cool Earth exists because right now, the world is in a climate crisis.

The most effective way to fight back is to protect the best carbon-storing technology that already exists: rainforest.

And the best way to do that? Back, support, and listen to the people living there.

Indigenous peoples and local communities have lived in balance with rainforest for thousands of years and are the real rainforest experts.

They are people who face extreme injustice whilst living on the front line of the climate crisis.

We champion the relationship between people, rainforest and climate.

Cool Earth exists to give cash direct to rainforest communities, to fund projects that create choice, tackle the root causes of deforestation and protect vital carbon sinks.

This is our mission. To back people, to protect the rainforest and fight the climate crisis.

Join our people-first rainforest protection revolution now.

Believe in People

We choose to be optimistic and to believe in people. Watch our campaign film and make your choice.