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Vivienne Westwood T-shirt
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Vivienne Westwood | Save the Rainforest T-Shirt

“Saving our planet’s rainforests has been a cause close to my heart for a long time. Not only do rainforests contain six million species and contribute to twenty percent of all of Earth’s water and oxygen, but they are also home to more than 350 million people. If that’s not enough reason to protect rainforests, deforestation contributes significantly to all CO2 emissions, making it a major cause of climate change.

The fight for our rainforests could quite literally save the world. That’s why I’ve decided to help raise money for Cool Earth, a foundation that has saved nearly a million acres of rainforests. What they do genuinely works, and their results have continued to impress and move me.

I’m asking you to join me in this battle for our planet. I’ve specially designed a shirt for the cause, and if you purchase it, you’ll be making a difference.

Spread the word, wear the shirt, take a selfie and make a difference with me. Thank you.”


Please note, orders placed after 20th December 2019 will be processed on 6th January 2020.




Exclusively for Cool Earth by Vivienne Westwood | Organic Cotton

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