Pr0tect Rainforest

There's still time left. Indigenous peoples and local communities are fighting for climate justice - join them.

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We back people to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis.

Our mission

We believe in

Dense tropical rainforest undergrowth.


Start with people. People living in rainforest do amazing things when backed with cash that supports them, benefits rainforest, and helps fight the climate crisis.


Protecting tropical rainforest is a cost-effective and potent way to fight the climate crisis. All we have to do is protect it.

Climate Action

Cooling our Earth starts with people living in rainforest. We believe supporting indigenous peoples and local communities is the key to fighting the climate crisis and securing a future for all of us.

Key stats


Trees in our Partnerships

Trees are our greatest natural carbon-storing technology in the fight against the climate crisis.


People-Powered Projects

From the Amazon to New Guinea to the Congo Basin, communities all over the world are fighting deforestation.


Tonnes of Carbon Stored

Carbon is being stored and kept out of the atmosphere in all of our partnerships in the Amazon, Congo and New Guinea rainforests.

Time f0r Action

All Donations Doubled

That’s double the cash to back people, double the cash to protect rainforest, and double the cash to fight the climate crisis.

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