A view down to the forest floor from within the rainforest canopy.

Why Rainforest?

Tropical rainforest: the most advanced, carbon-capturing tech on the planet.

Tropical rainforests are vital carbon sinks that regulate our global climate and irreplaceable ecosystems.

Put simply, forest cools the earth, and this is why we focus our work and your cash here. Carbon-capturing tropical biomes account for the highest area of forest globally. Keeping rainforest intact can provide 23% of climate mitigation urgently needed to cool our planet.

But forest around the world is being destroyed at an alarming rate despite intergovernmental promises to halt deforestation. Climate breakdown is intensifying forest loss as tropical, humid forests become drier, causing trees to die and fires to burn for longer – creating a devastating feedback loop.

Deforestation damages a rainforest’s ability to sequester (that’s capture and store) carbon and instead, releases it into the atmosphere. This affects all life on earth; our future depends on the health of rainforest.

Sequestration isn’t the only thing rainforest does for us.

These precious biomes affect our weather, the air we breathe, biodiversity and our food and medicine, not to mention that rainforest is home to millions and millions of people bearing the brunt of deforestation.

Protecting tropical rainforest is a cost-effective and potent way to fight the climate crisis. All we have to do is protect it.

Rainforest: A SNAPSHOT


Carbon Stored

An estimated two-thirds of the carbon stored in the world’s trees can be found in tropical rainforest


Rainforest Biomes

Cool Earth works across the Amazon, Congo Basin, and New Guinea rainforest biomes.


Square Kilometres

Yes, you read that correctly. Tropical rainforest covers 13.5 million square kilometres of our planet.

Not all trees are equal

All trees are important, but some more than others. We focus our work on tropical rainforest due to its sheer potential to store carbon and regulate our global climate. Swot up on tropical rainforest and protect the greatest carbon sinks on Earth.

Radical Solutions

Discover how complex problems in rainforest can be tackled at the root.

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