Closeup of a hand holding the handle of a shovel whilst a bag of cement is emptied in the background.

Climate Adaption

To protect the future we must adapt to the present.

The climate crisis impacts the lives of rainforest communities more than most.

Right now, communities are experiencing disruptive effects, climate adaption is a necessity to survive. Indigenous and local people don’t have any choice but to change their way of life to continue living in and protecting rainforest.

Climate breakdown threatens to displace millions but without people, the carbon-capturing tropical rainforest will suffer. Not to mention the personal, cultural and human injustices.

Resilience, even in the face of the greatest threat, is happening right now; led by communities themselves.

Rainforest Firefighters

Our collaboration with indigenous-led Central Ashaninka del Rio Ene (CARE) backs community action to prevent fires before they start and if they do, we arm people with the tools they need to fight back.

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