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A low angle of rainforest trees with sun bursting through the canopy.

Cash Giving

Unrestricted money, unlimited potential.

Frog species Paedophryne Amauensis is pictured sitting on a Papua New Guinea 10 toea coin. ©Chris Dahl.

Giving no-strings cash to people fighting rainforest deforestation isn’t an easy fix, it’s a smart one.

Profit is the biggest driver of climate destruction but we believe money is also an incredible force for good.

We give no-strings cash direct to rainforest communities to adapt and thrive in the face of threats and pressures. With less than 1% of climate crisis mitigating cash reaching indigenous and local people, people that are key in fighting the climate crisis – this radical act is crucial.

We’ve been giving cash to people since 2008.

Cash in the right hands creates freedom of choice. When cash is given, so is control. This eases pressure.  On rainforest and lives. It provides the ability to adapt to climate threats and keep carbon sinks we all rely on intact.

Cash can fund community-led education programmes that create confidence, training that leads to some of the finest sustainable cacao on earth, solar energy farms that reduce the need to burn logs and an infinite number of global, life-benefitting possibilities all from your donations.

Giving money with no strings is radical in the world of conservation.

This demonstrates our absolute trust in people, the kind of people we need to change the world.

Giving cash is a radical act.

No strings cash is the most ethical way to back people. No directions, just freedom-giving choices to act, adapt and continue protecting the greatest carbon sinks on Earth.

More Radical Solutions

We give cash to people living in rainforest, and we want to give more.

It all benefits people, the planet and our collective future.

Giving money, no strings, is revolutionary in the world of conservation. It demonstrates complete and absolute trust in the people we work with to use it however they see fit. Free from constraints, it offers flexibility, a chance to adapt to pressures as they come without interference or limitations. It puts power back in the hands of people who have largely had it stripped from them due to politics, religion, and extractive industries.

Rainforest protection is complex. A beehive can protect rainforest. So can a flood-proof toilet. And so can a set of GPS trackers, a place to wash hands and satellites in space. These are all solutions direct from people that need them, backed by your cash.

No middle people. No boxes to tick. No ‘we know best’ attitude.

Cash to counter COVID

Coronavirus is not the first pandemic the Asháninka have faced. Access to healthcare, medical supplies and food is a challenge in rainforest at the best of times. Cash has fuelled a rapid response for our partners in the Amazon Rainforest.

Covid Response Update
The sun rises over misty Amazonian forest.

Cash creates choice, choice means rainforest protected

Whether it's given directly to individual households or community leaders it all results in better lives for people and their rainforests.