Aerial drone image of the rainforest and a small river at Amboro National Park, Bolivia

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School, university, organisation or individual? Roll up.

Everyone can make a difference when it comes to climate action.

If you want to back people to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis and don’t know where to start, we have some resources and activities that can get you along your way.

Maybe you want to learn a few facts about rainforest to share with friends and family? Or perhaps quizzes are more your thing?

Well, here are a few resources that will help.

Rainforest Facts

Whether you want to swot up or host a quiz on all things rainforest or want to impress your pals around the dinner table, we have some facts that will help you impress your guests.

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Activities for schools

Have you ever wondered what rainforest bird you might be? Fancy testing your animal knowledge? Want to write a letter to the Cool Earth team? Here are some activities to get you started.

Colour the rainforest

The rainforest hosts a kaleidoscope of colours, from lush green trees to rainbow feathered birds. Let your imagination run wild.

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The latest news from the forest floor

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Want to be up to date when it comes to Cool Earth's radical solutions, our latest campaigns, the teams take on reports about climate change and more?

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