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An auto rickshaw at the side of the road at sunrise.

The Adventurists

Cool Earth is the proud official charity partner of The Adventurists.

The Adventurists fight to make the world less boring. With ludicrous adventures in the most unlikely places, generations of reckless explorers have been backing people to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Since 2013 teams of Adventurists have raised over £1.7million for Cool Earth and the communities we support.

This incredible achievement has only been possible due to thousands of individuals. People who spend weeks adventuring across Mongolia in the Mongol Rally, dodging trucks in India on the Rickshaw Runs or weaving their way through on tiny bikes at Monkey Runs.

Alongside their astonishing ability to raise money for Cool Earth, The Adventurists have exciting plans to reduce their impact on the environment. To start, they are switching to electric rickshaws and giving free electric conversions to India’s rickshaw wallas to help reduce emissions.

Join them in backing people to protect rainforest today and start your fundraising adventure now.


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Mongol Rally

Mongol Rally

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Mongol Rally 2022

Mongol Rally 2023

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Monkey Run

Monkey Run


Adventurists before you have gone on epic adventures across the globe, all in the name of Cool Earth. Saving the world one adventure at a time.



raised so far. That's £1,765,120 to be precise.



have backed people to protect rainforest.



under the belt.

Up your Fundraising Game with These Tips

As an Adventurist, you are about to go on an absurd adventure across the planet. You have also been tasked with saving a piece of the world too. This may seem like a daunting task, so to ease you into fundraising we’ve put everything you’ll ever need and it’s all right here, lucky you.

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The Adventurists are committed to transitioning to increasingly lower impact forms of transport for their adventures.

Electric rickshaws have been on trial (for which they are not building new, but instead replacing engines in existing rickshaws) and will be launched at 2022 Rickshaw Rallies.

They are also supporting thousands of local rickshaw drivers across India with free electric conversions and looking at lower impact ways for participants to travel to events.

The Adventurists are adapting other events too, with electric monkey bikes in the works.