Our Ambassadors


Our Ambassadors

Dr Tony Juniper CBE

Environmental Campaigner, Writer, and Sustainability Advisor

Tony’s career is decorated with a host of environmental achievements, from leading a programme with Birdlife International preventing the extinction of critically endangered parrots, to contributing to legislation protecting the UK’s finest wildlife habitats. He truly is one of the most effective ‘doers’ Cool Earth has had the pleasure of working with.

"It's really about the empowerment of the indigenous people. If that can be done well, then the chances for the forest rise very quickly."

- Dr Tony Juniper CBE

Our Ambassadors

Kelly Hoppen MBE

Interior designer and entrepreneur

With 41 years in the design industry, Kelly is one of the most celebrated and sought after interior designers in the world. A businesswoman and innovator, Kelly has invested in several small businesses, and dedicates much time to the championing and nurturing of entrepreneurs and craftsmen, making her the perfect ambassador for Cool Earth.

"Cool Earth puts local communities in control of their own environment, giving them the tools to be self-sufficient and allowing them to earn more money by keeping the forest standing. Very entrepreneurial.”

- Kelly Hoppen MBE

Our Ambassadors

Claudio Cardoso

Executive Chef, Sushisamba

Claudio is a culinary genius whose passion for food extends much further than his role at Sushisamba. Following a visit to the Asháninka partnership this year, Claudio developed an intricate menu of rainforest inspired dishes to raise awareness of Cool Earth's work. He is currently using his knowledge and skills to help Cool Earth's Peru team develop the nutrition programme in the Asháninka.  It's safe to say that Claudio has become one of our most passionate supporters.

“It’s not ‘saving the rainforest’ it’s actually about helping the people to save the rainforest […] and I think it’s the most special adventure that I ever had,” 

- Claudio Cardoso

Our Ambassadors

Pamela Anderson

Having been an activist for over 25 years, Pamela Anderson is a true advocate for rainforest protection.

Her support of Cool Earth spans across seven years and has included the protection of 70 acres of rainforest for Vivienne Westwood’s 70th birthday and auctioning her engagement ring, worth £100,000 for the Orangerie Bay partnership.

"I'm determined every day to find unique ways to support organisations I’m close to, like Cool Earth. I know the work they do is some of the most important work there is,"

- Pamela Anderson

Our Ambassadors

Nick Baker

Author, naturalist, and television presenter.

Nick's knowledge and experience of the rainforest is second to none. With a CV jam-packed with biodiversity conservation expertise, he's travelled the globe countless times to raise awareness for the weird and wonderful ecosystems that underpin life in the forest.

We're thrilled to have Nick on board as an Ambassador.

Our Ambassadors

Leah Wood

Leah is a British model and artist in London.

Leah is an environmentally conscious, eco-champion. Following various roles in the environmental third sector, she’s now turned her attention to matters of the rainforest.

Our Ambassadors
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