Satellite view from space looking down to earth as the sun rises

Forest Monitoring

The home of climate-action insight.

From the rainforest floor, out into space and back again, this is forest monitoring.

Our work aims to decolonise data that has previously been inaccessible to those who really need it: rainforest communities.

Forest Monitoring reveals trends and threats in real-time driving real-time climate action. This gives more control to Indigenous peoples and local communities over their land.

If you rely on the rainforest to live and have thousands of years of inherited knowledge, monitoring the forest is part of your everyday. However, the climate is changing rapidly and so is the rainforest.

Combining traditional knowledge with technology and big data and making that data accessible to rainforest communities is key to halting deforestation and fighting the climate crisis.

Data not just for scientists, businesses, or conservation organisations, but for people on the frontline of environmental exploitation.

Data shared is a problem halved

Satellites monitor deforestation and alert communities in real-time. Time is extremely precious in the fight against the climate crisis.

How We Monitor Forest

Our work starts and ends on the rainforest floor. We consult with our partner communities and on-the-ground staff to understand what information people need to have more control over their rainforest. Then, with a mixture of processes, tools and technology, a suite of information is created to guide the climate action needed.


Biodiversity officers and community members share traditional knowledge and needs.

GPS Markers

GPS data reveals locations in rainforest to back up enquiries and even inform land rights requests.

Satellite Data

Using open-source satellite data we are able to gather real-time information to gain, specific deeper rainforest knowledge.

Forest Monitoring Dashboard

The data gathered is pulled into a state of the art alert Forest Monitoring dashboard making it accessible and useable.

Hardware and Infrastructure

This includes making sure equipment and the energy to power it can be accessed deep in rainforest.

Forest Monitoring in action

Joining the data to people dots in the Amazon rainforest to stop fight wildfires.

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How the Asháninka are monitoring their forest combining traditional knowledge with ground-truthing and satellite technology.

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