Cool Earth team members look at a large map of the area in a remote village in Peru.

People Powered Projects

Believe in the ability to adapt and thrive.

Mariá harvesting Cacao pods in the Peruvian Amazon.

People-powered projects tackle a key driver of deforestation: poverty.

Cash generation eases financial hardship. People-Powered Projects such as sustainable income generation, food security and education can help stop rainforest from becoming a lifeline.

Rainforest communities suffered climate injustices before bearing the brunt of climate breakdown. Now those who contribute the least carbon emissions suffer the most and do the most work to undo the damage.

By giving people exactly what they need to thrive in spite of these pressures, rainforest and the carbon stored in it will stay there for thousands of years to come.

People-powered projects we champion and you fund enable social and economic growth that helps communities leapfrog threats.

The sun rises over misty Amazonian forest.

Fund People-powered projects

You can't do much on an empty stomach, or with little opportunities or no cash. If you back people today you can cover the basic necessities to help rainforest communities thrive.