The impact of energy efficient stoves in Lubutu

Cool Earth has funded a community-led project in the community of Lubutu looking at reducing fuelwood use by introducing energy efficient stoves.


Now this project is complete, 483 stoves have been built, and Cool Earth can present some of the outcomes.

Before energy efficient stoves; 6 baskets, 3.5 bundles. With energy efficient stoves; 3 bundles, 2.7 bundles

The job of collecting wood falls mainly to women and girls. It takes up time which could be spent in education.

What next?

Cool Earth is currently planning the next phase of the partnership with Fauna and Flora International and the communities in Lubutu. Developing livelihoods and access to markets will be the key to strong communities who can keep their trees standing. Read more in Growing the Future in DRC.

I'm very happy for what Cool Earth is doing, especially with the fuel-efficient stove you bought us. Thank you very much for continuing to assist us. - Geneveve, Community Member