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An aerial image of a sunrise over tropical rainforest in Cambodia.

News and Stories

We see incredible climate action take place in rainforest around the world each and every day. Find stories and news to inspire your own climate action now.

Stories shape the future.

Diversifying diets in the Peruvian Amazon

Chocolate, inga, fish. It’s not the start of a lockdown cookbook. Instead, these three ingredients may be a successful recipe for the Awajún to earn a living, feed their families and protect their forest.   On the banks…

The impact of energy efficient stoves in Lubutu

Cool Earth has funded a community-led project in the community of Lubutu looking at reducing fuelwood use by introducing energy efficient stoves.   Now this project is complete, 483 stoves have been built, and Cool Earth can present…

Palm Oil The Facts

When rainforest is cleared in Papua New Guinea, all too often it is replaced by palm plantations. To the human eye, the difference could not be more stark. To local wildlife, the difference is devastating. Having previously only been found…

Why is palm oil bad for the rainforest?

Palm oil. The ubiquitous ingredient you’re highly likely to be consuming every day in car fuel, cleaning products and food. It’s posing a tremendous threat to some of the world’s most biodiverse forest. But what is it? And what makes…

Coconut oil

How it's made in Milne Bay.

Chocolate: A sweet deal for the Asháninka

Asháninka chocolate from Cool Earth’s Peru partnership is the sweetest weapon against deforestation there is. Shade-grown and then sun-drenched, the prized Criollo beans are sold through a cooperative, with the money re-invested to strengthen the whole community. The world’s appetite…

Chocolate: From Bean to Bar

Find out how these magic beans turn into income for over 300 families in our Asháninka project.

Mud Glorious Mud

In our Lubutu partnership in the Democratic Republic of Congo, sustainable stoves made from mud may be the answer to saving forest and empowering women at the same time. Woman cooking on a mus sustainable stove in…