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The sun rises over misty Amazonian forest.

How Rainforest Captures Carbon

The greatest CO2 capturing technology on Earth: tropical rainforest.

Reducing the chances of a catastrophic climate collapse requires something that already exists: tropical rainforest.

All we have to do is keep it healthy. No impossible ask, no research, no league of scientists, and relatively, not even that much money.

Tropical rainforest captures carbon with a process called sequestration. All this means is safe capture and storage of CO2. All plants do this, and some better than others. The incredible carbon potential of tropical rainforest is the reason we focus our work in rainforest biomes.

We don’t like to point the finger, but it’s inarguable that the climate crisis has been created by deforestation and burning fossil fuels that emit carbon. The act of cutting trees down and burning them can quickly turn some of the greatest carbon stores on earth into huge emitters – some areas of the Amazon already are.

Carbon Stores

How can carbon sequestration continue in rainforest? The answer is simple. Back people that live in rainforest to continue to protect it.

Radical Solutions

Carbon Capturing Rainforest

This video from The Woodland Trust explains how trees hold so much potential for the future of life on Earth.