Buttress roots of a large tree deep in the forest.

The Carbon Potential of Rainforest

We focus our energy and your cash on tropical rainforest. This is why.

Tropical rainforest captures carbon better than any other environment on Earth.

We focus our work on tropical rainforest (and people) because of its huge potential to capture carbon and store it safely, cooling our earth in the process.

It’s true that all plants (even fungi) capture CO2 and store it in roots, branches, trunks and leaves. Tropical rainforest does this on a mega scale.

Trees that grow in rainforest are carbon-capturing superstars and you can find them around the equator in warm, sun-drenched conditions that lead to some of the largest trees in the world. Big trees, big carbon-storing potential.

Exactly how much carbon are we talking about? Enough to reduce global CO2 levels by a third – but only if we protect it and stop deforestation.

Healthy Tropical Rainforest is capable of contributing over one-third of the total carbon capture needed by 2030. IUCN Report, February 2021

We don't plant trees

We protect the trees we already have. And besides, planting trees means waiting for them to grow and we can't wait. Trees older than 20 years represent 95% of the global carbon sinks, so you can see why we focus on protecting tropical rainforest.

How Rainforests Capture Carbon

Start with people

Cash creates choice for those who protect the most precious carbon sinks on Earth.

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