July 23, 2014

Cool Earth Annual Review

Looking back on 2013/14 and the highlights of Cool Earth’s year.

Just like the best parties, Cool Earth is all about the people.

We can tell you about tree-frogs and toucans until we’re as blue in the face as a snub-nosed monkey – but the only thing that will keep them safe is people.

People who have lived in the rainforest all of their life and depend upon it for everything. People who now find the bulldozers and chainsaws have arrived with one-off offers for their mahogany and rosewood trees. People who know the only thing that keeps their villages intact and their lives safe is the forest.

This year we have had the privilege of working with 48 new families from as far afield as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Papua New Guinea. After the Amazon, these are the two most important intact rainforests and they are the best chance we have of keeping these biospheres safe.

Welcoming these new partners into the Cool Earth family has been the highlight of the year. But whether we’re offering a lifeline in Lubutu or Milne Bay, the Cool Earth model is a constant; providing a helping hand to villages desperate to keep their forest standing.

We’re still the only NGO that does this and as a result the queue of communities who want to work with us is longer then ever; 81 at the last count. It’s a nice problem to have and thanks to your support we are trying to work with every single one. But it’s also a reminder that sustained local resistance to logging is the best challenge to deforestation and the tragedies that follow.

Download the Annual Report.


  • Terry Lash says:

    The link to your annual report did not work. I would like to review the report. In particular I would like to know the percentage of your income that goes to administrative costs, including fundraising, and the percentage that goes into field projects. Thanks.

    • Chloe Rickard says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for pointing out the broken link. It should work now, but there’s also a link to our most recent Annual Report (with all the financials) in the footer.

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