What Is the Icarus Trophy?

An Adventurist Update

Welcome to the World’s first long distance paramotor race.

The Icarus Trophy is a massive 2 week long unsupported air race on paramotors.

All starting in one place with a paramotor on your backs and finish up in another one – a bloody long way away. In between these two points, one of the greatest adventures on the planet is waiting to slap you about the chops.

Unsupported means you’ll be flying with everything you need to survive strapped to your very person. If you get lost, it’s down to you to get yourself unlost.

The Icarus Trophy is a real timed race but first, it’s an adventure. That means you don’t have to be super competitive to take part. We always find the people who come in last have the best stories to tell.

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So what is this fancy-pants flying machine?

So here it is, the air-beast know to the world as a Paramotor. Having tried these machines we think it’s one of the most pant-browningly exciting forms of transport on the planet. It’s also the most accessible way for anyone to get into the skies.

They are the perfect machine for a ridiculously long distance air race. After all you can only get lost in 2 dimensions on the ground.

Can I really fly without a licence?

Yes, in rather a lot of countries there’s no minimum number of hours or requirement to pass a test before you can legally take off and fly. For the Icarus Trophy we will require a minimum level of training.

So what about training?

The Adventurists have designed this event to be open to all. But if you know nothing about flying at the moment, you will have to go and learn.

They’ll be testing pilots at the start line to ensure you’re competent before issuing a permit to compete. They’re working now to define the official standard and create official training courses.

Do I need my own paramotor to take part?

Some of you will already be experience paramotor pilots in which case the solution is probably to look in your shed.

For the rest of us there are a few options. We suspect that as soon as your feet leave the ground the first time you will find it hard to stop yourself getting your own flying machine.

Second hand

Obviously one barrier to having your very own shiny paramotor is the hole it will make in your bank account. The cheapest way to get round this is to buy one second hand and then sell it again after the race (or keep it). That way you will have more time to practice and get used to your machine.

Look around

Whether you plump for new or not-quite-so-new there’s loads of information online about it, footflyer is a great place to start. Also talk to your instructor when you’re training. We’re producing a guide to choosing a machine with advice from some very experienced pilots.

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