Trusts and Foundations

Grantmakers making real change.

Climate Optimism Creates Great Change.

Trusts and Foundations right across the world have the power to amplify the protection and restoration of rainforest with Cool Earth.

Backing people, indigenous leaders and local communities to fight the climate crisis in rainforests shapes our future; from the air we breathe to the weather, to food, to medicine, and crucially, in cooling our earth.

By working with Cool Earth your valuable funding can create the much-needed fuel for hope and drive positive climate action in individuals, in businesses and in society.

Your Donations Create Unlimited Potential. 

Positive change in the world can be driven by dedicated Trusts and Foundations.

Working with Cool Earth you can extend your mission and values to people across rainforests, cultures and countries demonstrating your impact, but most of all showing your belief in people.

From unrestricted funding to projects aligned with your interests, we can communicate insightful, strategic and meaningful ways people living in the planet’s tropical rainforests are thriving.

We can show you the potent and powerful ways your cash fights the climate crisis.

Supporting people living in rainforests with your grants and donations delivers impactful and measurable change.


We're grateful for the support we receive from grant-making organisations to protect rainforest. Here are just some of our current partners.

People’s Postcode Lottery

People’s Postcode Lottery

Cool Earth is proud to be supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Thanks to funding awarded by Postcode Planet Trust, which People’s Postcode Lottery manages lotteries for, a landmark sustainable cacao project has been funded in the Peruvian Amazon with Cool Earth, and over the next three years it is helping Cool Earth to fund Unconditional Cash Transfers to communities in Peru’s Central Amazon.

The trust was established in 2014 and supports charities and good causes that support the environment and the enjoyment of nature across the world.

The trust is entirely funded by the Players of People’s Postcode Lottery and awards cash to good causes, like Cool Earth’s mission to protect rainforest and fight climate change.

Visit their website here.

Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust

Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust

Cool Earth is grateful for the support of the Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust.

The trust has funded a Tree Nursery project promoting agroforestry in our Muanenguba Partnership in Cameroon in collaboration with CCREAD (Centre for Community Regeneration and Development, Cameroon), and it is now supporting our Paraecology project in Papua New Guinea, which will enable important biodiversity knowledge to be shared between academia and local people who are being trained for careers in conservation.

The long-established Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust was founded in 1963 and supports good causes that work towards the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment, as well as charities in the county of Sussex.

Visit their website here.



Cool Earth is thankful to have the support of Actions@EBMF.

Actions@EBMF is combatting climate change in Cool Earth’s Peruvian Awajún partnership by supporting the planting and maintenance of Inga, the miracle tree, across the next three years.

The foundation supports innovative, cross-disciplinary programs and activities in areas including education, women’s rights, and climate change.

Visit their website here.

Find Out More.

Nog Sawdon, our Trusts and Foundations Manager, has a wealth of experience in the international philanthropic field.

Contact her on [email protected] to start a conversation about delivering great work in tropical rainforest with a people-first, data-driven approach.