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Brother International Europe

Meet Brother International Europe

Over 100 years of innovation have gone into making Brother the global business solutions provider that it is today.

Founded as Yasui Sewing Machines Co in Japan in 1908 and later renamed Brother, the printing expert now employs over 38,000 worldwide, helping businesses of all sizes in over 40 countries. Continually adapting, Brother has thrived in an ever-changing marketplace, and now partners with businesses across the globe, assisting with everything from printing hardware to security.

Brother’s “At your side” promise means just that. Committed to helping businesses increase efficiency, boost productivity and encourage collaboration.

Why Cool Earth?

“The climate emergency is at breaking point, and the only way we can move forward and start to reverse the damage that has been done is to educate people and make drastic changes, Cool Earth supports that vision for us. You are one of the last lines of defence against catastrophe, and we truly believe that supporting rainforest communities who live and work in rainforest is a great way of ensuring the world’s endangered habitats stay protected.

Linked directly to this work over the last 15 years, Cool Earth and BIE have been running a free return and recycle scheme for Brother ink and toner cartridges. The partnership has given BIE, and our customers a real reason to do more. The benefits of returning cartridges to us are twofold. It allows us to meet our own environmental targets, but in doing so, customers know they have directly supported our efforts to preserve and protect the planet.

The sheer number of cartridges that are returned tells us our customers feel the same, and want to help us, support Cool Earth”

– Jackie Farrelly, PR and Communications Manager


Find out about Brother’s recycling programmes here.

“It has been a real pleasure working with the Cool Earth team on behalf of Brother for the past 15 years. I am excited to continue this partnership and add to the great work our customers, staff, and Cool Earth partners are doing to protect the earth together.” Jackie Farrelly, PR and Communications Manager

A plan that protects rainforest

Brother's recycling initiative has run for over 20 years processing over 40 million ink and toner cartridges to date.

Achievements so far

£750,000 raised to back nearly 4,000 people across seven communities, protecting 33 million tropical rainforest trees is worthy of celebration - what gets us more excited, however, is our future potential together.



Returned and recycled.



In Peru and Papua New Guinea backed.



Protected by communities.

We asked, what makes BIE climate optimists?

“At Brother we believe the solutions to the climate crisis are out there and can be implemented and our work with Cool Earth fully embodies that. We want to play our part and have a target to reduce direct and energy-related emissions to 65% by 2030.

We are also looking at how we can make our products more circular to ensure precious resources are used to their maximum potential which is why we offer our consumables recycling services and are developing product take-back options across Europe. Our employees are also committed to taking positive actions for the environment.”

– Robert Squires, European Environmental Manager


Internal Initiatives

“We have taken part in the No Ocean Waste activity with employees around the globe taking actions to reduce their plastic use and clean up litter from their local beach, river or local areas since 2021. Over 20,000 employees have been involved with many people committing to continue clean-up activities for the future. With activities like this we believe we can all do our bit to help resolve the environment challenges we are facing and make a real difference.”

– Robert Squires, European Environmental Manager

“We are proud to have worked with Cool Earth for such a long time. Our “At your side” vision is always to provide our customers with exceptional products and service, whilst also doing what we can to limit our impact on the planet, and through Cool Earth we are able to support vital work being conducted across the globe.” Hisashi Ota, Managing Director, Brother International Europe

Back people, protect rainforest.

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