Aerial image of rainforest stretching to the horizon behind a small village.


Meet Buyagift

“As the UK’s leading provider of experience days, we set the bar high on what responsible business in our industry should look like – today and in the future. Our mission is Delivering Happiness – Amazing People.

What this means to us is putting customer happiness at the heart of what we do. From things like our excellent prices to the once in a lifetime experiences that people take when they receive a Buyagift Gift Experience.”

– Catherine Ainsworth, Head of CSR at Buyagift


Why Cool Earth?

Buyagift has always had a passion for protecting the environment. This is reflected in our long-standing relationship with Cool Earth. With Cool Earth, we engage our team on the important environmental issues we care about. In balance with this, our more recent move to become a certified carbon neutral company demonstrates our determination and commitment to remove as much carbon from our operations as possible.

For us, Cool Earth is the perfect charity partner. It reflects that love for the environment by ensuring we are contributing to a cause that addresses, what we know to be the most important issue – protecting established rainforests.

Our partnership is now over a decade long and we believe, now more than ever, in Cool Earth’s grassroots approach to backing local communities. This approach enables local people to protect their own land, their forest and the biodiversity therein.

We look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.

– Catherine Ainsworth, Head of CSR at Buyagift

If, as a business, you are fortunate enough to find yourselves in a position where you are able to make a difference, then we feel you have an obligation to do so. We are proud to be working with Cool Earth in an effort to help slow the relentless destruction of the rainforests. - Dan Mountain, CEO of Buyagift

Buyagift's Climate Pledge

CEO Dan explains what they stand for and what they do with us to back people living in rainforest.

Back people, protect rainforest.

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