Work for Good

Are you a start-up or small business wanting to take positive climate action?

We know that running any size business is no small feat and often you end up being pulled in every direction.

This is why we’ve partnered with Work For Good to take the hassle out and help you donate just by doing the work you already do.

What is Work for Good?

Work for Good is a dedicated business fundraising platform, making it easy for your business to donate to us through the sales of your products and services.

You’re in control of the whole process, you choose the amount and frequency of your donations. With no minimum donation amount, you can keep fundraising targets flexible and give as your business grows.

How does it work?

Any business wanting to start raising money for charity through sales of products or services needs a Commercial Participation Agreement.

By signing up with Work for Good and pledging your donation, you can create a Commercial Participation Agreement with Cool Earth in just a few minutes. With the right agreement in place, you’ll be ready to market your giving and proudly publicise your support for Cool Earth online alongside the Work for Good logo.

Supporting Cool Earth

Cool Earth works with people who can make the biggest difference today. We have grown with the help of businesses looking to make an immediate impact for the long term.

By pledging your donation through our Work for Good page, we can keep track of your fantastic support and you can join the small business community by donating in a legal, simple and sustainable way that works for you and your business.

Pledge your support today

Let your work do good

Join Work for Good to back local and indigenous people to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis.

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