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Your frequently asked questions answered.

What is Cool Earth’s approach?

Cool Earth’s mission is to back people, protect rainforest and fight climate change. We work with indigenous peoples, local communities and NGOs on the ground to protect rainforest. You can read more about how we work here.

Where does Cool Earth work?

We work in three of the world’s major rainforest biomes and across 40 projects. From Peru to Papua New Guinea to Cameroon, Cool Earth supports local people to tackle a range of threats to their forest. More information about the places we support can be found here.

Does Cool Earth buy rainforest?

Cool Earth never buys rainforest and never will. Instead, we help local communities take control of their forests and develop sustainable livelihoods that reduce pressure on rainforest.

Is Cool Earth a carbon offset? How much should I donate to offset my carbon?

Protecting rainforest with Cool Earth does not create a carbon offset.

Cool Earth’s model, being community-led and adaptive to the changing threats and drivers of deforestation, is incompatible with approaches and complex requirements of carbon certification.

The Cool Earth method focuses on a longer-term partnership approach with communities to build financial resilience. Whilst Cool Earth’s primary objective is to mitigate climate change through avoided deforestation, we don’t translate this into a price per tonne of carbon.

Why can’t I get a refund on my donation or gift?

All payments made to Cool Earth are classified as donations towards our charitable activities and are non-refundable.

How do I update or cancel my regular donation?

If you donate via Direct Debit (SmartDebit) or PayPal you can cancel or update your donation at any time via your banking provider or your PayPal app.

For all donations made by bank card simply click the link here (donating from the US, click here) and enter the email address associated with your donation to access Cool Earth’s donor portal. From here you can do everything from changing your payment details, to updating the donation amount and frequency and pause or cancel your donation.

If you need any assistance contact us here and we will be very happy to help.

How do I know what my total donations raised or donated are?

You can see your donation history and download a donation receipt at any time via our supporter portal, just click here (donating from the US, click here) and enter the email address associated with your donation

Please note only donations made after August 2023 will be visible. If you require your donation history prior to this date or if you donate via PayPal or DirectDebit (SmartDebit), please get in touch here and we will be happy to help.