Cool Earth’s Research Partners

Cool Earth is an organisation that is continually evaluating and learning. Part of this process is partnering with experts to improve and refine the ways we work.

Village houses in the Peruvian Amazon

Deforestation Forecasting

Dr Seth Flaxman of Imperial College London

Working with Artificial Intelligence expert Dr Seth Flaxman, Cool Earth is applying innovative deep learning methods to satellite imagery and geospatial data to develop a system that can produce spatial forecasts of future deforestation events. Understanding where deforestation is likely to occur before it happens will help inform early intervention and planning with Cool Earth partner communities.

Cool Earth’s Research Partners

Deforestation Detection

University of Leicester

Led by experts at the University of Leicester, Cool Earth will trial the Forest Sentinel service, a new forest change detection system based on high-quality satellite data. If successful, the system will be rolled out across our in-country teams and partners.

Cool Earth’s Research Partners

University of Exeter

“Translating my research into culturally-sensitive practical field activities, whilst questioning, adapting and improving what has been done so far, is a key objective, which I hope will serve Cool Earth and other organisations as they strive for more impact.” Léna Prouchet

Working closely with Cool Earth throughout her PhD, University of Exeter student Léna Prouchet looks to tackle deforestation and food insecurity through the use of integrated regenerative agriculture practices in forest communities of Latin America.

Focusing more specifically on the Peruvian Amazon, where political, social, economic and environmental processes and contexts are extremely unstable and unjust, Léna hopes that her research will contribute to addressing some of the key drivers of deforestation, one of the key drivers of the climate crisis.

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