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Fight For Climate Justice This Earth Day

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This Earth Day,  we’ve teamed up with The Big Give’s Green Match Fund to double all donations for Rainforest Labs. For one week only, you can help us raise £40,000 to equip rainforest communities with the data they need to improve their lives and protect their forest.

That’s right, every donation you make will have twice the impact. All donations made between 20th – 27th April through the Green Match Fund will be matched by The Big Give.

How does it work? Follow the link and donate to us through the Big Give platform. You donate, they match your donation. Simple.

Keeping rainforests standing is crucial in combating the climate crisis.

The rainforest is more than just carbon and biodiversity to the people living there, it’s home. And don’t just take it from us but from members of the Indigenous communities we partner with.

We’re all tired of supporting the greatest threats to deforestation in the tropics. Those polluters that hold all the power – the cash and the data. They have the power to give and withdraw, the power to use, own and manipulate data, to decide the outcome of people’s lives.

To me the forest is my life, because it gives everything, food, medicine, money, for me the forest is everything. Adelaida Bustamante

All donations matched

Want to double your impact? You can help us get data into the hand of those who need it most.

Double your impact

What if that data we all so value belonged to the rightful owners of rainforest lands?

And what if all projects combined data with justice?

Data that’s not just for scientists, businesses, or conservation organisations, but for people on the frontline of environmental exploitation. Our work aims to decolonise data that has previously been inaccessible to those who really need it: rainforest communities.

Public satellite data gives a real-time view of rainforest, showing everything from forest health to wildfires and areas where illegal extraction takes place. Rainforest Labs funds the tools, infrastructure and training needed to put land-use data in the hands of the people living in rainforest. It unites Indigenous knowledge, ground truthing and satellite data to drive climate action. Monitoring forest health gives people the power, insight and evidence to protect their homes and rainforest.

“This project contributes to reducing the gap in accessing information and provides Indigenous peoples with tools and technology which, together with their ancestral knowledge, allow them to decide how best to manage and defend their Amazonian territories.” – Jessica Aldana, Forest Impacts Coordinator, Peru.

Double your donation 

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For one week only, you can help us raise £40,000 to equip rainforest communities with the data they need to protect their forest.