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Our supporters do amazing things to raise funds for Cool Earth. From birthday and wedding fundraisers to shaving their head and selling their paintings.

There’s no limit to how you can get involved. 

Starting your fundraising journey is easy.

Join us on JustGiving – all you’ll need to do is set up your fundraising page using these three easy steps. 

  1. Find Cool Earth on JustGiving and set up your account
  2. Choose your type of fundraising
  3. Fundraise to save rainforest 

Alternatively, you can fundraise for Cool Earth on Facebook,  whether it’s a Birthday Fundraiser or a personal challenge. 

Are you an Adventurist? Keep scrolling down for more information about upcoming events.

If you have any questions about your fundraising goals or setting up a JustGiving account, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team on [email protected]

Fundraise for us


If you’re feeling brave, why not cross America on a kite, canoe down the coast of Africa then drive to India on a lawnmower? The Adventurists will set you on your way and make sure your mid-life crisis protects lots of rainforests.

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Fundraiser of the month

Fundraise for us

Lily's Birthday Fundraiser

After feeling ‘desperately helpless about the health of the planet’, Lily decided to make a difference. She told us she feels empowered to use her own resources to contribute positively to change and encourages others to do the same. Setting up a birthday fundraiser for Cool Earth on her Facebook page she turned her birthday into a present for the planet, not a bad way to celebrate, we think.


Fundraise for us

Beauty on Canvas

After seeing first hand how deforestation is destroying the habitat of incredible rainforest birds, Graham is now committed to capturing their beauty on canvas. He creates and sells his beautiful paintings of endangered birds to spread awareness and raise money for rainforest charities like Cool Earth – helping to protect the rainforest that these beautiful birds call home.

Fundraise for us

Cycling for the Climate

Committed to raising money for climate action, Conor O’Loan completed an impressive 150km bike ride around Richmond park during lockdown. Although his friends and family stayed at home, they all came together to sponsor him and make a difference, raising £1000 for our rainforest partnerships. Conor chose to fundraise for Cool Earth to take effective climate action – supporting local people to keep their trees standing.

Fundraise for us

Christmas Cards that Keep Trees Standing

Phoebe Sherwood creates and sells beautiful christmas cards through her website and donates 20% of her profits to Cool Earth. By creating and sharing what she loves she is raising money and bringing awareness to a great cause. Phoebe says there’s no time like the present especially when it comes to saving the rainforest and helping to reverse climate change before it’s too late.

Fundraise for us

Wedding Fundraiser

Linus and Carro generously asked guests at their wedding to donate to Cool Earth instead of giving typical wedding gifts. They invited their friends and family to a three day party, asking them to skip the fancy presents and give everything to something more important. “We strongly recommend this to all modern couples – it gives so much more.

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