We’re making some changes to our website

Throughout 2021 we are improving Cool Earth’s digital platforms and services, including the development of a new website. As part of this process, we will be retiring some of the features on our current website;

1. Supporter dashboards and profiles.

Your donations to date are stored on our secure database  and if at any time in this transition period you require an update on your fundraising total, help with receipts or to update your details, please do get in touch with us through our contact form and a member of our team will be happy to help.

2. Fundraising pages.

From February 1st 2021, Cool Earth is partnering with JustGiving, the leading online fundraising platform, to provide online donation pages for our supporters, with increased functionality, personalised fundraising tips and inspirational ideas.

If you are currently fundraising for Cool Earth with an online fundraising page, all your donations are logged securely on our database and we’ll be in touch soon to move you over to JustGiving in just a few easy steps. 

Please see our FAQs below.

Why have you removed dashboards?

Throughout 2021 we are improving Cool Earth’s digital platforms and services, including the development of a new website and supporter database. As a result, dashboards and accounts are being retired.

What does this mean for my account?

We will still have your details securely held on Cool Earth’s database and can locate donation information you may require. From 1 March 2021 access to your account dashboard with Cool Earth will no longer exist.

How do I know what my total donations raised or donated are?

Your donations and funds raised to date are logged on our secure supporter database and if at any time in this transition period you require an update on your fundraising total or help with receipts please get in touch with us through our contact form

Will I still receive monthly receipts for my regular donation?

If you have a regular donation via debit or credit card that has been set up through our website donation form, you will continue to receive monthly receipts from Cool Earth’s payment processor Stripe. If you have a direct debit set up for your monthly donation and would like a receipt at any time, please use our contact form to request one and a member of our team will issue one for you.

Can I still download my tax receipt?

Receipts will no longer be downloadable from your account but we are happy to provide receipts if needed. Just get in touch and we can provide a single receipt or an annual round up receipt.

Can I get a refund if there was an error in donating?

Under charity commission guidelines Cool Earth is not permitted to refund donations but we understand there may be instances where it is necessary. We’re on hand if you need any support with donations. If there has been an error with your donation, please get in touch through our contact form

How can I update my personal details?

If you wish to make any changes to your payment details or need to update your contacts details, please contact us.

Why have you moved fundraising pages to JustGiving?

-JustGiving is the world’s most trusted platform for online giving.

-JustGiving accepts multiple currencies.

-The platform provides the latest online fundraising tools and resources to support you in your fundraising journey. 

Find out more about JustGiving.

How do I create a JustGiving page?

Creating a fundraising page on JustGiving is simple.

1.Create an account on JustGiving

2.Find Cool Earth and choose your event category

3.Enter the details of your fundraiser 

4.Start fundraising

To find out more, please follow this link.

Do JustGiving charge a fee for their services?

JustGiving charges a fee for their services which include processing donations to your page, claiming GiftAid on Cool Earth’s behalf and administering your fundraising pages. 

Based on the location of the non-profit you are donating to, JustGiving applies the following service charges, ahead of sending the funds to the Cool Earth.

How do I add money people have raised offline to my Justgiving page?

There are two ways to make sure offline donations reach the charity.
1. Make an online donation using your own credit/debit card
Pay the donations into your own bank account and make an online donation via your JustGiving page. If you choose this option and are a UK taxpayer make sure that you un-tick the Gift Aid box. Gift Aid should only be claimed when an eligible donor is making their own donation, not on behalf of someone else or a group.
2. Send donations to the charity directly and use the ‘Raised offline’ function
You can also send donations raised offline directly to the charity. It’s a good idea to reference your JustGiving page address to help with their reports.

I’m taking part in an Adventurists event but I can’t see it on JustGiving?

Get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll get you all set up.

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