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The sun rises over misty Amazonian forest.

Help VOXI donate to Cool Earth

VOXI is donating over £60,000 to support us. Help decide where this money is spent.

Hi, we’re Cool Earth.

We believe in people. We back people living in rainforest with cash to protect it – fighting the climate crisis at the root.

For World Kindness Day VOXI have pledged to donate over £60,000 to help protect rainforest with Cool Earth (nice, right?) and you can choose how to spend it. All you gotta do is click where you’d like VOXI’s donation to go – what are you waiting for?

We are Radical Climate Optimists.

Why? Because of people like you supporting Cool Earth through VOXI, climate action is happening around the world through innovation, creativity, and community.
The truth is, now more than ever people aren’t just believing in change, they’re leading it.

Celebrate climate optimism with us

Use the hashtag #GetClimateOptimistic to share what gives you climate optimism (it could be the fact you just helped give over £60,000 of cash away to protect rainforest for example, or something small like buying secondhand or eating more veg).


Feeling generous?

Hit that button if you'd like to donate yourself and back people to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis.

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