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An aerial image of a sunrise over tropical rainforest in Cambodia.

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We see incredible climate action take place in rainforest around the world each and every day. Find stories and news to inspire your own climate action now.

Stories shape the future.

COP 27

Five things that should take centre stage, but probably won't...

Not just deforestation: the Asháninka & war in the Amazon rainforest.

Threats change, direct action does not. Words can never fully communicate the lasting impact violence has in people’s lives, their culture and their futures. When you compound war with the harmful legacies of colonialism, missionaries, exploitative industry, drug trafficking, invasions,…

Bolsonaro out, Rainforest wins?

Human rights violations? Mass deforestation? Environmental destruction?   Bolsonaro’s presidency has jumped from one crisis to the next and, although current polls in a new election are currently against him, there is no doubt that significant damage has already been…

Saving the rainforest: a matter of life and death?

Life in the Amazon is precarious. The Amazon rainforest is home to millions of people, plants and animals and it’s the largest carbon sink on land. This forest also produces some of Earth’s most lucrative commodities; gold, timber and coca,…

IUCN update: A modest proposal

Campaigners from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) are backing indigenous people and local communities to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Eight things we’ve learnt from the IPCC Report

This morning, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released the first of their climate change reports. If you take anything from this article then it is this; the time to act is now.

The cheapest way to save rainforest?

Giving indigenous people legal rights to their land is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect South America’s endangered rainforest. A recent World Resources Institute report [footnote ftnt_no=”1″] found that deforestation rates in Brazil on land formally owned by…

Loggers burn Amazon Indians home

The home of isolated Brazilian Indians was recently invaded and burned by loggers. A settlement of voluntary isolated Awá Indians was recently invaded by loggers. One of the Indians – a child – was reportedly burned alive. Less than…