view of the rainforest in the Asháninka community

Ambassadeurs Group joins the alliance for Unconditional Cash Transfers

Alliances for positive impact.

We’re positively thrilled to be partnering with Ambassadeurs Group to help bring Unconditional Cash Transfers to Indigenous communities living in rainforest.

No-strings cash for communities in rainforest.

With a donation of £25,000, Ambassadeurs Group (AG) is backing the delivery of no-strings cash to the people living on the front line of the climate crisis. With a people-first approach and a mission that revolves around giving back and creating positive change through various initiatives, AG has chosen to support the communities that are best placed to protect rainforest.

An Asháninka village on the edge of the Rio Ene, Peru.

Taking accountability for giving back

Ambassadeurs Group believes that the privilege of travel comes with the responsibility of having a positive impact. Their aim is to give back to communities and limit their impact on the environment in the process.

Through collaboration with AG, we are better equipped to support the guardians of tropical rainforest. Whilst Indigenous peoples and local communities comprise less than 5% of the world’s population, they manage at least 25% of the planet’s land surface and protect an estimated 80% of global biodiversity, making them the true protectors of our precious carbon sinks.

Read more about Ambassadeurs Group and their fight for climate justice on their website, here.

This is a strategically important alliance for us. We want to support charities and good causes that touch and improve all our lives. Through our support for Cool Earth we are helping this important organisation to improve everyone’s life. Tracy Damestani, AG’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer.

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