A Dose of climate Optimism

Fridays are for climate wins. Get inspired, get acting, get your dose of Climate Optimism.


Indigenous leaders derail gas project [1]Indigenous Australians Have Derailed a Controversial Gas Project by Suing the South Korean Government (Vice, 2022)

Indigenous leaders in Australia’s Northern territory have successfully quashed a controversial gas project after taking The Export-Import Bank of Korea to court. The 300km pipeline was set to cause significant damage to marine life in the area as well as threaten the cultural heritage of the Tiwi people.

Saving Sakura [2]Tiny conservation heroes: Wild cherry blossoms could save forest landscapes (Science Daily, 2022)

Research by the University of Tsukuba has found that the cultural significance of wild cherry blossom trees in Japan could be used as a driver for traditional forest conservation and community-based management. We’d love to find more examples of trees that are intrinsic to culture.

Blooming pink wild cherry blossom trees over look the sea. Islands can be seen in the distance and the dusk sky is a dusty pink.

UK county to create a “Super Nature Reserve” [3]Somerset ‘super nature reserve’ will benefit UK’s rarest wildlife (The Guardian, 2022)

Organisations and individuals will come together to create a 15,000 acre ‘super nature reserve’ in the Somerset Wetlands, stretching from Glastonbury to Bridgwater Bay. Not only will this mean the protection of the UK’s rarest flora and fauna, but also it’s vast lowland peat.

Nature gets what it deserves [4]Five major nature recovery schemes announced across England (BBC News, 2022)

It doesn’t end there. Five ‘nature recovery’ projects are set to be rolled out across England covering 245,000 acres of land in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Somerset, the West Midlands and the Peak District. The focus? Protecting wildlife, restoring habitats and fighting climate change. Yes, yes and yes.

Protesters protect trees in Paris [5]Paris protesters celebrate saving trees around the Eiffel Tower (The Guardian, 2022)

More than 40, 200 year old trees that surround the Eiffel Tower have been saved from being cut down thanks to protesters.

An aerial view of the Eiffel Tower at sunset. Many trees are surrounding the base of. the tower and the city sprawls out behind.

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