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A waterfall spills over a cliff edge, surrounded by lush rainforest with a blue sky above

A Dose of Climate Optimism

This is the other side of the climate breakdown coin. Environmental wins from around the world that give us climate optimism.


PetroTal production could be halted in Peru due to protests [1]Reuters (2022)

A river blockade led by indigenous communities in the Loreto region of Peru has meant that PetrolTal have had to halt operations at one of its Peruvian oil fields in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. A people powered environmental win!

Refill stations to reduce waste and plastic [2]The Guardian (2022)

Large supermarkets across the UK will be installing refill stations and offering more unpackaged options. This will not only reduce single waste plastic and help to reduce waste but saves people money.

A woman refills her glass jar with oats, from a plastic free store.

A trifecta of climate solutions in Scotland [3]Daily Record (2022)

Community groups in Falkirk are taking climate action. £26,000 has been given to three groups who are investing the cash in everything from repair and recycle schemes and green transport initiatives to community gardens and educational workshops.

Inspiring action through indigenous storytelling [4]Climate Home News (2022)

Doc Society, an org that partners with filmmakers, has granted over $1 million to fund work on climate themed stories and impact campaigns around the globe. Doc Society are hoping that centering the narratives of Indigenous Peoples and communicating climate change from those on the frontline will inspire climate action.

Indestructible building bricks made using unrecyclable plastic [5]The Byte (2022)

LA startup, ByFusion Global, have created chemical, additive, adhesive and filler free building bricks (think lego) that are said to be building grade. Trialed in Boise, this pilot program could save up to 72 tons of otherwise unrecyclable plastics from local landfill.

Aerial view of the rainforest, the sun shines over rising mist.

If you would like to read more about the environmental wins from any of these Climate Optimistic Stories check out our reference list below.

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