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Rooting for Change with Fieldfisher

Fieldfisher puts people at its core.

Entrepreneurial, pragmatic and socially conscious, Fieldfisher believes The Future is Human and takes a collaborative approach to everything it does.

Needless to say, with this people-first attitude, we knew they were on our wavelength. And now taking this approach to the next level, as part of their Rooting for Change initiative, Fieldfisher is partnering with Cool Earth to back people to protect rainforest and fight the climate crisis.

The Rooting for Change initiative began in 2019 with Fieldfisher backing projects that support communities by giving them the tools, resources and funds needed to improve livelihoods and tackle the climate crisis.

Fieldfisher’s Rooting for Change initiative funds a global portfolio of sustainability projects that impact not just the environment but communities most affected by the risks of climate change.
– Shireen Irani, Director of Corporate Responsibility

Shireen Irani, Fieldfisher Quote

Why Cool Earth?

The folks at Fieldfisher are taking the climate crisis seriously and are well aware of the importance of keeping rainforest standing.

Rachel Wild, Knowledge and Information Officer & Programme Lead for Sustainability at Fieldfisher said: “The Amazon Rainforest is a critical carbon sink. Deforestation is damaging the ability of trees to sequester carbon, advancing the rate of global heating at an alarming rate.

By partnering with Cool Earth Fieldfisher is taking climate action. Like us, they believe in people living in rainforest.

People are Key

Indigenous people and local communities have always protected rainforest, nurtured it, and kept it healthy for thousands and thousands of years simply by living there.

Backing the people that live here and recognising and respecting their rights is essential in fighting the climate crisis.

For Rachel Wild, Fieldfisher’s Knowledge and Information Officer & Programme Lead for Sustainability this is key, “One of the root causes of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest is the exploitation of local communities. Cool Earth’s people-powered projects work to provide dignified livelihoods and alternative sources of income, particularly for local women who are especially affected by the impacts of inequality and climate change.”

“We want to listen to the experts – ensure their voices are heard and their invaluable knowledge of the natural world is shared. It is one of the most effective ways of tackling global heating”, added Elizabeth Brunt, Fieldfisher’s ESG Officer.

Back people, protect rainforest

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