Meet fundraisers Ira, Liliana and Hollie aka CAKE

Meet fundraisers Ira, Liliana and Hollie who formed the Carers and Keepers of the Environment, CAKE.

The trio of friends decided to start using their break times at school to litter-pick the playground and then decided that they wanted to do more and asked if they could run a cake sale over the Easter Holidays. The helped make 14 different varieties of cake which they sold outside a local school and managed to raise £410, which was then matched by Liliana’s mum’s workplace.

Here’s a little more about all things CAKE.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves

My name is Ira and I’m 9. I will turn 10 in September. I love working with my friends to save the environment.

I’m Liliana and I am 8 years old (turning 9 in July). I love plants and I hope that one day the world will stop being hurt. When I grow up, I’d like to live on a farm and grow all my own vegetables.

I am Hollie and I am 1 day younger than Ira! We wanted to do something to show that we care about the environment as I love nature and have 2 cats.

2. How did the three of you come up with CAKE?

Ira: I guess we just started picking up rubbish in our school playground and then we started making up a name. Then we thought of trying to save the environment. So as we were thinking, we thought of doing a bake sale and that’s from when we’re still thinking of our next fundraiser
Hollie: I also like cake.

3. How did you find out about Cool Earth?

Ira: So the day before the bake sale, we were still choosing our charity to give the money to and then we noticed that cool earth saves rainforests to stop cutting down too many trees and that’s one of the things we want

4. Why did you choose to fundraise for us?

Hollie: We looked at a few choices and we had a vote. We had a few options for a logo which my friends mum made but we could not choose so we asked the mums of our school friends to vote.

5. What did you do as your fundraiser?

Liliana: We had a sleepover and made loads of cakes (like carrot cake, flower vanilla cupcakes and coffee and walnut cake) We went to a park near our school and sold nearly all of our cakes. We raised £410 then my mum’s work doubled it!

6. What was your favourite part?

Liliana: Eating the leftovers!
Hollie: I loved the baking round Liliana’s house! We made so many different cakes.

7. What are CAKE’s plans for the future?

Liliana: We’re still thinking of ideas but we would like to plant some trees or pick up rubbish by the beach.

8. Do you have any top tips for kids your age if they want to do something similar?

Hollie: If you have an idea ask a parent to help you and go for it! It was lots of hard work but really rewarding when we counted how much money we made.

Feeling inspired? Ready to take on your own bake sale? Check out our fundraising page or get in touch we’d love to hear your ideas.