A low angle of rainforest trees with sun bursting through the canopy.

Got climate optimism? We do, and this is why

Here at Cool Earth, we are lucky. We see incredible work happening in rainforests around the world, every day.

Climate action by people living in rainforest that benefits not just themselves; but the entire planet, all people, and our future. This gives us radical climate optimism in the face of a crisis that will continue to affect all of us.

On the flip side of this radical optimism, lives fear. Fear kills any chance of progress or change and the truth is, although great challenges are ahead, there is plenty to be optimistic about, and not just in rainforest.

We celebrate climate optimism to change the narrative around the climate crisis.

As world leaders talk at COP26 you can celebrate, fund, and inspire global climate action.

To bring balance to the conversation, we’ve launched our new campaign: 100 Reasons to be Climate Optimistic.

We’ve sourced an abundance of feel-good action, stories, and news from around the world. In rainforest, in classrooms, on the streets, in labs, in space, and in the minds of millions of people believing in and creating a better future.

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Help us change and inspire, and create more support for people living in rainforest.

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