Hexagon and Cool Earth: The power of business to make a positive impact on the world

Technology for empowerment

At Cool Earth, we believe that empowering those who live in rainforests is the key to easing social and climate pressures that lead to deforestation. 

Indigenous peoples and local communities are the natural stewards of these vital ecosystems, and Cool Earth’s  partnerships ensure they have the means to protect and preserve their homes.

Then comes Hexagon. With their focus on technology and the vision of an autonomous and sustainable world, Hexagon is taking every step possible to champion rainforest conservation. 

Through Hexagon’s cutting-edge measurement and digital reality technologies, we aim to collaborate to raise awareness about the climate crisis, improving understanding while addressing the needs of those living in and protecting carbon sink environments.

Smart Digital Reality for the changing world

But, the partnership doesn’t stop there. We are dedicated to exploring further avenues of support for Indigenous peoples within their rainforest homes. In collaboration with Hexagon’s innovation arm, R-evolution, we’re exploring how we can scale up our forest monitoring with new potential for measuring and modelling the outcomes of changes — an innovative approach they call the “Smart Digital Reality” for nature.

“Deforestation is a critical challenge to our planet. With our Hexagon leadership in digital reality, using solutions like Green Cubes MRV (Measure, Report, Verify), LiDAR and data visualisation, with Cool Earth insights we can significantly accelerate the nature positive impact while helping local communities to thrive,” says Erik Josefsson, CEO of R-evolution.

The image shows a person wearing a black top with the "Hexagon" and "Revolution" logos, working in a lush green outdoor environment, collecting forest data using a handheld device while surrounded by dense rainforest vegetation.

The R-evolution team in a lush rainforest collecting forest data with handheld imaging laser scanner.

People first, data-driven partnerships are part of our DNA, so nothing fills our climate-positive hearts more than Hexagon’s measurement and digital reality technologies. 

Rainforest Labs puts land-use data into the hands of the Indigenous villages that need it most. Satellite data in Indigenous communities’ hands gives them control over their lives, their land, and the future of their rainforests.

Collaboration for impact

This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration, harnessing the power of people, technology, and innovation to educate, empower, and evolve the approach to tackling the climate crisis. 

This impact cannot be delayed. Rainforest needs our attention, and it needs it now. 

Rainforests are an invaluable part of that natural system. By supporting Cool Earth, we aim to promote a mindset of sustainable extraction and resource management, emphasising the importance of circular economies and adopting regenerative approaches. Marion Rouzaud, Global Sustainability Director



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