A Celebration of Rainforest

Forests cover a third of Earth’s land surface[footnote ftnt_no=”1″].  They are integral to every moment of our daily lives, providing water and oxygen for all of us, and a home and livelihood for millions. It is vital to protect this essential natural resource.

That’s why conserving rainforest is at the core of what Cool Earth was created to do.

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Biodiversity Quote

Rainforests are home to two-thirds of all living animal and plant species on the planet, with hundreds of millions of species still undiscovered. In the Amazon rainforest, such as in Cool Earth’s Peru partnerships, a single square mile of rainforest often houses more than 50,000 insect species [footnote ftnt_no=”2″].

Deforestation Quote

Forests remove atmospheric carbon dioxide and keep it locked away. They store a substantial portion of the roughly 10 billion tons of carbon we pump into the air. When deforestation takes place, or the rainforest is burnt, vast quantities of this carbon is released back into the atmosphere.

Human activity is threatening the most critical part of the carbon cycle, with potentially disastrous consequences.

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Cool Earth is the non-profit organisation that works alongside local people to halt deforestation and forest degradation. More than 1.6 billion people, or 25% of the world’s population, rely on forest resources for their livelihoods[footnote ftnt_no=”3″].

That’s why Cool Earth works with communities on the front line of deforestation. They are the forest’s best custodians and our best chance for preserving this vital natural resource.