The importance of incorporating employees in charitable giving initiatives

Spencer Ogden’s approach

In today’s corporate landscape, there can no longer be a gap between organisational values and employee values. However, the question some may ask is how we bridge that gap in a seamless manner.

A remarkable example of this commitment is the renewable energy recruitment agency, Spencer Ogden, and their strategic partnership with Cool Earth. Our collaboration not only exemplifies a fusion of social and environmental goals but also underscores the significance of incorporating employees into charitable giving initiatives.

We caught up with Regan, ESG & Sustainability Coordinator at Spencer Ogden, to find out how Spencer Ogden trickles their support for Cool Earth down the organisation from top to bottom.

What Drew Spencer Ogden to Partnering with Cool Earth?

“Our hearts as a business are in the right place. The combination of social and environmental goals, one leading naturally to support the other, is what drew Spencer Ogden to Cool Earth,” explains Regan.

“The opportunity for our donations to support Cool Earth in providing autonomy and dignity to rainforest communities while working towards the ultimate climate goal, is a top priority for Spencer Ogden and the key draw when launching this partnership.”

Regan then goes on to explain how Cool Earth emphasises the dual paths to addressing the climate crisis – the human environmental preservation path and the renewable path. Both Spencer Ogden and Cool Earth are navigating different routes that converge on the same destination. The collaboration recognises that a multifaceted approach is essential, and by synergising efforts, meaningful progress can be achieved.

Two Spencer Ogden colleagues in Singapore, posing with hoodies they won for participating in Cool Earth's Race for Rainforest initiative.

Two Spencer Ogden colleagues in Singapore, posing with hoodies they won for participating in Cool Earth’s Race for Rainforest initiative.

Why Incorporate Charitable Giving into Your ESG Strategy?

Spencer Ogden has seamlessly integrated charitable giving into its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. The company has implemented an internal peer recognition system, named PACE, aligned with its core values – people, accountability, collaboration, and excellence. This system allows employees to acknowledge their peers for outstanding contributions, creating a culture of appreciation and recognition.

“We wanted to align the amount of peer recognition we’re giving as a business to our donations to Cool Earth. Again, it’s that alignment between what we’re doing internally and socially as a business, to an external impact, where our employees can see the benefit that their recognitions are making happen.

And again, in alignment with Cool Earth, it’s unconditional; people can give as many recognitions as they feel appropriate, and we’ve set targets this year to increase these recognitions. We want people to be recognising each other and the great work that we’re doing internally, but also understanding that we want that work to develop outside of the business and through our partnership with Cool Earth.”

The alignment between internal recognition and external impact is crucial. The company has committed to correlating the amount of peer recognition with donations to Cool Earth. This linkage ensures that employees not only see the impact of their recognition within the organisation but also understand its broader implications in contributing to Cool Earth’s initiatives.

A scene looking straight into a dense tropical rain

A scene looking straight into a dense tropical rain
forest, taken in Costa Rica

Trickling Support Down the Organisation: Why It Matters

Spencer Ogden recognises that trickling support for Cool Earth down the organisation is vital for fostering a culture of sustainability. The company’s corporate purpose, “creating careers to power a sustainable future,” is reflected from the top-down. Integrating donations alongside peer recognitions reinforces the commitment to sustainability at every level of the organisation.

The company has established an ESG committee and regional representatives to ensure effective communication and reporting of charitable partnership figures. By doing so, employees gain a clear understanding of the impact their contributions make. Quarterly meetings serve as a platform for regional representatives to share success stories and convey the tangible benefits of the partnership with Cool Earth.

Why we love it

Spencer Ogden’s approach to charitable giving not only aligns with its core values and business goals but also actively involves its employees. By integrating peer recognition, donations, and sustainable development into its organisational fabric, Spencer Ogden demonstrates that the synergy between internal initiatives and external partnerships can create a powerful force for positive change.

In a world where corporate social responsibility is paramount, Spencer Ogden sets a compelling example of how businesses can contribute to social and environmental causes while fostering a sense of purpose and engagement among their employees.