The sun rises over a rainforest village surrounded by trees.

Liberty Specialty Markets votes to back people

Voting for the planet

Employees of the specialty and commercial insurance and reinsurance company, Liberty Speciality Markets (LSM) voted to pick two new charity partners.

LSM believe progress happens when people feel secure, and now they are committing to backing people. Cool Earth is excited to be Liberty Specialty Markets’ new charity partner alongside our fellow Cornwall-based neighbours ShelterBox.

An Asháninka village surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. Aerial view.

An Asháninka village among tropical rainforest.

Power of collaboration

Both Cool Earth and ShelterBox work with people living on the frontlines of the climate crisis. In the face of oppression, exploitation, poverty and unprecedented effects of climate breakdown, people living in rainforest are facing climate injustice on a global scale.

Together with the help of LSM, we can continue to build resilience and strengthen communities.

“We are proud to be supporting ShelterBox and Cool Earth as both charities fight for causes close to our hearts. Supporting these charities enables us to focus on the immediate impact on individuals and communities while supporting initiatives to combat climate change in the long term.”
– Nigel Davenport, Group General Counsel at Liberty Specialty Markets.

The sun rises over misty Amazonian forest.

Low morning sun over a village near Cutivireni in the Peruvian Amazon

Believe in people, believe in rainforest

“Cool Earth believes the greatest insurance we have for the future of life is to trust in people and trust in those who have protected rainforests for thousands of years. Rainforests have the potential to capture 30% of the carbon needed to cool the planet to safe levels (IUCN 2021).

“Our partnership with LSM will help to significantly accelerate learning around the effectiveness and scalability of unconditional cash programmes and how they can help keep vital ecosystems like rainforests protected in the fight to end the climate emergency”.
– Isabel Felandro, Cool Earth’s, Peru Programme Manager

Like us, LSM believe in radical solutions to solve the climate crisis. There’s no silver bullet when it comes to protecting rainforests, but when no-strings cash gets in the hands of people living in rainforest, incredible things happen.

“We are pleased to be working with such a dynamic and unique charity as Cool Earth. We were impressed by the ambition of their work and the desire to make real change that can help combat the climate emergency we all face and preserve rainforests for future generations.”
– Nigel Davenport, Group General Counsel at Liberty Specialty Markets.