Vivienne Westwood stands in the rainforest at sunset

Overheated: Vivienne Westwood speaks the truth



Be it youth, music, art, fashion or indeed Indigenous cultures, all are vehicles for communication and connection. In the jam-packed documentary Overheated, we hear from iconic and inspirational cultural figures from around the world. These people speak openly and authentically to educate and move us to action.


Believe us when we say – this hits hard.


Commissioned by WePresent (the arts platform of WeTransfer, who kindly support our work) Overheated features a spectrum of people with cultural clout. Think Billie Eilish, Yungblud and FINNEAS alongside climate activists like Tori Tsui and Maggie Baird. In the 36-minute doc, culture and activism collide to create a compelling message and energetic call to action offering viewers the chance to grow into “realistic optimists”.

The documentary, directed by Yassa Khan, aims to accelerate planet-protecting progress with a dose of authenticity, – “imperfect” climate action and advocacy. This, we feel, pushes people to make changes that really do help in a more accessible and less holier-than-thou-you-have-to-everything-right kind of way. 

A solid foundation for important, and achievable, work in our books. 

Our patron of people-first climate action, Vivienne Westwood (should that be patron saint?), features in the documentary.

Watch the full film here.

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