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Basiliana: Mother, Optimist, Conservationist.

Meet Basiliana:

Mother, Optimist, Conservationist.

Sitting outside her house in the foothills of Mount Namuli, Basiliana proudly told us about her son Filimonio’s work as a conservationist.

“I really like that Filimonio has his job and is enjoying himself” she smiled.

Filimonio left home to study in town, and now works to protect the forest where he grew up.

Only afterwards did we learn just how dedicated Basiliana was in helping her son achieve his dreams.

Filimonio stayed with his uncle in town whilst he was studying. But buying food from the market was expensive, and that money was greatly needed elsewhere. So Basiliana undertook a dusty, seven-hour walk in searing heat or pouring rain, down the steep slopes of the Namuli plateau, carrying baskets of produce for Filimonio’s packed lunches every single week. It was Basiliana’s only option if she wanted Filimonio to get through school. And with his lunch delivered, it was the same long walk back up to her house in the shadow of the mountain.

Forest in Mount Namuli, Mozambique

This incredible sacrifice she made every week enabled her son to stay in school. Then go on to further education at an agricultural college. Now, Filimonio has a job as a conservationist with Lupa and Legado, Cool Earth’s partner organisations in Mozambique. That means savings for his family, and a job that supports the community he grew up in.

By promoting more sustainable methods like beekeeping, Filimonio and his team are empowering the community with leadership skills and stronger land rights.

All thanks to the belief of mothers like Basiliana.

A portrait of Basiliana from Mount Namuli